I have spent the last two decades working as either a full-time or freelance 3D artist, much of that time spent working at visual effects houses or advertising agencies. The above video is a sampling of the types of work I have done. I spent most of my film career as a 3D layout (Matchmove / Previz/ Body Match/ Set Dressing) artist. Most of my agency work was really whatever needed to be done - which could have been layout, 3D modeling, motion graphics, etc. Some of the projects are a bit older, as my most recent 3D work has been in toy and product development, or is still under NDA. It still gives a good feel for the kinds of things I have done in this arena of my career.  If you want to see my full filmography, it is here.

The first shots are layout based. This means that the shots are typically mostly CG, and my role was to stage the CG cameras and block in animation for final shot timing. We would also combine live action matchmove plates into shots.

Following this are a series of wireframe animations over live action - this is called body match animating and this was my specialty. This can be done over live actors, or objects in motion ie: the shot with the pirate ship.

Next is a graveyard sequence I set dressed at DreamWorks. Every plant, tree, and gravestone was placed by me  to give the scene an eerie "Thriller" vibe. (This was super fun by the way!)

After you will see some of the commercial work that I did, in a variety of roles. The final sequence is a Ford commercial called "Puppets" which I was the previz artist for.