This project was a blast! At Factory Entertainment we had the Game of Thrones license, but when we decide to make a plush of the man himself, we got to work directly with the great George RR Martin!

The whole thing started out as a conversation with my Creative Director (I was associate CD at the time) as we brainstormed Game of Thrones plush concepts. I said "Let's make a plush George!" kind of joking but also kind of serious. My CD replied, "brilliant!" (He is English) and I went into my office and drew up my concept.

We had a working relationship with a plush factory that was very good at working off of illustrations, so we sent it over and a few weeks later we had the initial prototype. Having already been working on a plush Tyrion (why not?) we decided that the George head might be more fun on the armoured body. The factory made one and the rest is history. George loved it so much he even tweeted a picture of him hugging himself!


1) Initial concept drawing

2) Factory prototype

3) George loves George!