JAWS is one of my favorite movies of all time, hands down. When I was given the chance to develop a series of JAWS products, my shark and horror loving heart skipped a beat.


"Bruce" - the name of the JAWS Great White - is a very specific looking great white. From gills to nose he is distinctly different anatomically from a true white, so it was important to nail that Bruce look, and not just make a generic white shark.


 We had a few limitations design wise for the bottle opener, but that didn't stop it from coming out hilariously.  This was an immediate hit and was even mentioned as a "best Christmas gift" on the pop culture website Ain't It Cool News. 

Photos - Top to bottom

1) JAWS Shakem

2) Orca Attack Shakem

3) JAWS Bottle Opener

4) JAWS 3D Poster Shakem