Game of Thrones

King Joffrey Crown

Game of Thrones revolutionized television and turned author George R.R. Martin into a household name. When Factory Entertainment was given the license to create crown replicas - we took it very seriously.

So seriously in fact that this turned into one of the most stressful pieces I worked on!

We had signed a contract to do the crown of Joffrey who (Spoiler alert) was still King at the time. We were going for the highest level of accuracy possible. When speaking with HBO we requested photographs, and were shocked when the rep said "We can send you the actual crown - we just need it back three days later." a 72-hour loan.

The box arrived and we were all like children at Christmas. Then we opened it. They sent a stunt crown which was made of ultra thin, lightweight foam and was painfully fragile. I was almost afraid to hold it, much less mold and cast it. Yet, that is what needed to be done!

The long and short of it was that I - very carefully - built up a layer of water based clay inside the crown, and built a wall and "moat" if you will on the outside of one section. Then I poured the silicone into the moat and waited for it to cure. This was nerve wracking. For one, I had never cast a piece of thin foam. Would the stress of the curing silicone crack it? Would the silicone stick to it and pull paint or worse - pieces off? If the silicone didn't cure right would I be able to clean it?  I had NEVER been so happy to release something from a mold in my life. 

The molded section worked beautifully but it was too much liability to cast the whole piece - However the carved detail pattern was cast perfectly and that is what we really needed.

I slush cast a resin pull using resin with baby powder added and that section (about 25% of the entire crown) along with multiple close up photos was sent to the factory for production. 

After that we decided it needed a stand. I suggested we go for the throne of swords look and make the crown rest of sword guards. The creative director loved that idea and I digitally sculpted the base.

I have always loved how this piece turned out, and I feel very connected to it.

Photos - Top to bottom

1) Crown

2) Base

3) Complete Display