June 11, 1993.

My dad comes into my bedroom to wake me up for school - or so I thought.

"Get dressed. You are your brother are skipping school today and we are going to see Jurassic Park!"

My dad was famous for the last minute "you aren't going to school today" announcements. This was the first time it was for a movie though. 

We raced to the theater which already had a line forming. We got our seats and sat in awe as the screen gave us our first look at "real dinosaurs."  12 years later I started working at ILM and on my floor was the original T-Rex maquette. While I never got to work on a Jurassic Park film, I did get to develop these fun collectibles. 

Photos - Top to bottom

1) Video review of the line

2) Raptor Hatchling motion statue

3) Explorer motion statue

4) T-Rex motion statue

5) Spitter motion statue