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Graphic Design / 2D Work

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

So much of my portfolio is focused on 3D design and work, and I wanted a place to showcase some of my favorite graphic design / 2D projects.


Product: Replica Ashtray from the film Creepshow (1982) Packaging: For this project I was told to only use illustrations from the official Creepshow graphic novel. To make the collage work I had to find and use appropriate artwork, and digitally paint in missing pieces that were cut off by the comic panel box (mostly hair!).

Product: Larry Talbot's Cane Replica from The Wolfman (1941)

Packaging: This may look straight forward but it was quite a bit of work. The large box needed a large file - which was unavailable - So I had to use a smaller scan and do a digital paintover of several features to "up-res" it, while painting out elements of the poster including credits and actors faces completely.

Product: Imhotep's Ring Replica from The Mummy (1932) Packaging: This forced me to work in a shoebox style of box which was interesting. Pretty straight forward design work, and I integrated pieces of the "Scroll of Thoth" along the edges.

Product: Monty Python Black Knight "Shakem" Figure

Packaging: This was really fun. The Python team lets you get silly with packaging so I created this piece in photoshop and Illustrator with a lot of little Python "easter eggs" thrown in. (Note - The bottom "neck stump" is a photo of a packaged steak I took at the grocery store. The Python licensing team apparently thought that was hilarious!)

Product: Cursed Monkey Paw Replica - Creepshow TV (2020)

Packaging: Replicated a rusty storage locker with symbolic elements from the show episode to try and create a "creepy" vibe. The entire package is just random metal texture elements combined in photoshop with some painted shadows and corrosion added.

Product: Archer Action Figure

Packaging: I thought it would be fun to play with the cardback die cuts here and really own the James Bond style of the show.


Project: Official Ghostbusters Ray and Slimer "Writem" figural pencils (You pulled the head off the form and the pencil was in there). These were really fun but only made it through the prototype stage. Designed in Illustrator.

Project: Halloween 3 / The Great pumpkin mash up poster made for a Halloween 3 tribute art show. Entire piece painted in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Project: PRO WRESTLING vintage style wrestling poster for a Nintendo tribute event. Created in Photoshop and Illustrator. (Note - THE AMAZON is a photoshopped combination of a 30's wrestler, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and an angler fish)

Project: Quinty The Pooh - A Winnie the Pooh / Quint mash up for a Jaws themed charity event.


Product: Back to the Future Lunch Box

Project: This was a major paintover job. No good reference for the SPACE ZOMBIES FROM PLUTO comic was available at the time so I combined screen shots in photoshop and did a digital paintover to get us to proper print resolution.

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