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Toy Therapy – Anton Chigurh MEGO figure

“What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?” Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men

I read and watch a TON of horror, but no movie has ever given me a nightmare like No Country for Old Men.  So, obviously, I want to make a toy for it!


As always, the first step is to digitally sculpt a head. I sculpted this one in Maya and Mudbox.


The face was pretty straight forward, and I have to admit, I was excited to sculpt that amazing haircut. Next I had the head 3D printed through Sculpteo on – what I assume was – an Objet 3D printer:


Next came paints – I painted to head with a combo of Michaels craft acrylics, and ground up pastels. A great technique for shading and subtle tones like a mans 5 o’clock shadow (Hint: Use Blue pastels for that!):


Once the head was finished I needed clothing and a body. I was able to find all the clothing from “Classic TV toys” and modified it slightly by removing excess velcro, etc. I also painted the “buttons” on the shirt a similar shade as the fabric to make them look smaller. The one piece of clothing I forgot to buy was his belt, which I made from a thin piece of scrap leather and a paperclip!

The last thing I needed was his signature Cattle bolt and gas canister. The canister is made of wood and a sheet rock nail, the tubing is orange sleeved electrical wire and the bolt is actually the tip of an extra Star Wars figure accessory I had around.


This is a figure I would love to rework in 1:6 scale one day, but until then I am happy to have this MEGO scale representation on my shelf!

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