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Goodbye Old Portfolio Site!!!

R.I.P. Portfolio 2016-2019

The necessary evil of being a creative is the need to have, and update, your portfolio site. It's quite a bit of work and frankly, I have never heard anyone - in my entire 20 year career - say "I can't wait to update my portfolio!" That said, we all have to do it, as our work and trends in web layout change.

My old site worked great for me. However there were a few things I didn't like, For one, most of my favorite projects have a story behind them, and there was no way to tell those stories on my site - it was just images and short image descriptions. Second, every image on my old site had to be its own thing ie: if I wanted to show three images of the same project, it was 3 seperate posts. In the new format, I can imbed all the images under the main link image. Finally, the old site didn't have a blog built in. True, I could link to an external blog, but I really wanted one that was integrated. I have that now!

The new format is simplified. I am choosing to just focus on a few of my favorite projects and the stories / development methods behind them. If anyone wants to see a larger dump of everything I have worked on, I have created an instagram that is a place for me to drop all my professional and hobby art (@culturepoptoys)

Signing off for now!


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