• Tyler Ham

March resolution update - Lockdown edition

Well - this month was...... interesting.

Living in the Bay Area, Ca. we were put on shelter in place a few days before the rest of California, then the rest of the state. So it's been a while. How are the resolutions holding up?

First, the failures. It was like, impossible to not have a drink in March. All this, combined with my 2 year old actually hurting herself pretty badly was more stress than manageable. That said, I think I had 5 drinks total in March - and when I did they were measured 1.5 oz. whiskey on ice. I could justify this by pointing out the scientifically proven benefits of whisky as an antioxidant, but really I just needed to chill a bit and whiskey is the only alcohol that doesn't cause a migraine. That said, back on the wagon in April. Again, I stopped drinking because of migraines, not because a judge told me to... so this isn't like the beginning of a downward spiral. I plan to continue on my sober year in April.

For the victories, I was able to read another book..... and what a book. I read Lonesome Dove. All 858 pages of it. This is the longest book I have ever read, topping my prior record of 600 pages (Abominable by Dan Simmons) by 200 pages. The mini series of Lonesome Dove is one of my favorite movies and I was shocked at how closely the movie follows the book. Almost too closely. Inone way it was great because I could skim the dull parts (The July storyline always bored me...) but was also a bummer because there were no plot surprises. The elaborated character backstories were fantastic though.

As for reduced snacking, that was done fairly well. That, along with stress and I am down to 217 lbs - 15 down from the 232 lb I started at January 1st. 5 of those pounds were lost this month. I still have 20 to go.

Finally, cutting down cell time. Impossible this month. With all the news updates, school closures, shelter orders, etc. it was just too hard.

All told, I'm giving myself a B-. March 2020 was hard for the entire world. Let's be easy on ourselves.

April goals.

One more book - Although Lonesome Dove was such a beast I'm going to try and change it up. I just subscribed to Marvel Unlimited, so I am going to try and read the 75 greatest Marvel comics issues in April.

Aside from that, I am going to really work on the phone addiction again. MUCH harder than I thought.

While we are at it, lets try to lose 5 more lbs. too.