• Tyler Ham

Resolution check in - Feb

Hi all! Time for another accountability check in!

If last month was an "A" grade for resolutions, this month was like, a C+ .... or a soft B-

How did I do? last month I set the following goals for Feb:

1) Read another book.

I totally nailed this. My favorite author CJ Tudor released her newest book in Feb called THE OTHER PEOPLE. It was an incredible mystery book that I really think anyone who loves horror or mystery books should pick up. Her first book THE CHALK MAN set a high mark and she kinda blew it away with this one. 400 pages and breezed through it.

Before THE OTHER PEOPLE I started reading Eckhart Tolle's book THE POWER OF NOW. I have been wanting to add more spiritual grounding to my life and all the reviews said this book was life changing. I got halfway through and found it unbearably boring and repetitive. He takes the age old Buddhist theory of "all depression comes from the past and all anxiety is fear of the future, so live in the now" and somehow expands it onto over 200 pages. I abandoned it.

2) Cut down on snacks between meals.

Let me caveat this with the fact that I was basically sick this entire month between colds and allergies, and I really wasn't in the mental place to worry about my diet. I TRIED to eat better but I really just wanted comfort. Kinda blew this.

3) Break phone addiction

WAY harder than I thought. After how easy not drinking has been for me I thought this would be a breeze. Nope. Going to revisit next month.

4) Cold Showers

Hell no. Way to hard. Also, I am doing all this for self care and since, as a busy parent of two, the only time I really have to myself is my morning shower - why screw that up.

I did manage to do a few good things for my health. For one, I still am not drinking. Also I started drinking a "brain smoothie" every morning. I realize it sounds like a zombie breakfast, but it's actually a blend of foods that have nootropic attributes. Basically throw coconut water (or just water) , turmeric, walnuts, blueberries, MCT oil, and a handful of spinach into a blender. I won't lie and say it tastes amazing, but it doesn't taste bad. The biggest difference I have noticed is that I haven't needed a late morning and early afternoon coffee (I drink a lot of coffee) - I have my morning coffee and really that is all it takes for the day.

All said, I lost another 3 lbs this month so down 9 so far this year.

Next months goals (Which I am adjusting as I think I got a little "bit off more than I can chew" syndrome):

1) Read another book

2) Try to totally cut extra sugar for the month (as opposed to cutting back - I find cutting it all is easier than just trying to moderate)

3) Try again to break the phone connection

Ill be back again at the end of March.