• Tyler Ham

Resolution Check In - January

Updated: Feb 2

I decided to take resolutions seriously this year. Usually I just do the "lose weight, exercise, read more blah blah" and by Jan 14th I have forgotten about it. THIS year however I decided to focus on self care, something that has really all but vanished from my life after my kids were born.

Instead of just making a huge list of things to do and failing because huge lists are awful, I decided to break it up into monthly goals. My thought behind this is that if I can stick to something for a month, it'll become habit, and the next month when I add a few things, the old will be habit by then, and won't require my attention so much. This is a running theory so we will see.

For January I started with some big ones. The first was to stop drinking. Not in a "court ordered" way, more because I have really linked even small amounts of alcohol with triggering my migraines. On top of that, this holiday season I ate and drank so much that you would have thought I was afraid of starving or sobering to death. It was really gross.

The second was to cut down sugar. I don't mean diagnosing the ingredients in everything I eat, but more to stop the sugary sweet tooth style addiction I have. I also found that both of these were linked. When I drank more, I craved more sugar. When I ate a bunch of sugar, I felt more like drinking. It made sense to knock them both out at once.

The third was to read a book. Any book. I want to try and read a book a month this year.

How did I do?

The not drinking was shockingly easy. Just saying NO (Thanks Nancy!) isn't hard at all and this month I only had 1 bad migraine, as opposed to the 3 or more I was getting every other month. Sugar was a little harder but also not as extraordinarily hard as I thought it would be. This may be because I'm not cutting it OUT, just BACK. My wife has a very good relationship with sweets and deserts so I am sort of following her lead. If she has something, I'll treat myself Otherwise I stay away.

The results have been noticeable this month. Without any other dietary or exercise changes I lost at least 5 lbs (I didn't weigh myself over the holidays because, why??? but I know what I weighed before them, and I am 5 down from that. ) And also I noticed that the several little aches I was having in my joins and odd places are all gone. I am also sleeping much better. Overall its a huge personal plus.

As for the book, I read THE HAMMER OF GOD by Jack Cannon. It was a total bullshit book that was awesome and fun and I learned nothing but enjoyed every line of it's meager page count (223 pages). It's still a book.

I feel like I nailed January. For next month I am trying a few new new things.

1) Read another book.

2) Cut down in between meal snacks

3) Break my phone addiction (put it in a drawer when I get home from work and on weekends)

4) Cold showers - - Im not expecting this one to go well.

Check in again at the end of Feb!