It's probably pretty clear that I am a big horror fan by now, so when the supervisor of SCARED SHREKLESS asked if he could pull me off of MADAGASCAR 3 for a few days to do the cemetery environment layout for a Shrek Thriller parody..... duh!

The Making of Thriller featurette, along with From Star Wars to Jedi, The Making of a Saga

were my top two influences for getting into visual effects in the first place, and I couldn't pass this chance up!

Every tombstone, shrub, weed, tree, vine, etc. in this sequence was placed by me, always keeping in mind the proper silhouettes and real world growth patterns of the vegetation. The cruel irony of this was that I was having a blast on this show, but I did "too good" of a job with the layout and my first pass was approved for production - which never happens. Back to Madagascar I went!


1) Graveyard Sequence from Scared Shrekless