When world renowned prop studio Tom Spina Designs (TSD) reached out to me to create a digital Slimer maquette for them, I couldn't say no!

This project came to be when TSD was hired by a production company to sculpt a Slimer maquette for a 2014 Super Bowl commercial (Radio Shack's "The 80's Called"). Tom Spina is considered the foremost expert on the original Ghostbusters Slimer maquette, and was hired for the project because the client demanded on-screen accuracy. 

Given the tight deadline, a practical maquette became infeasible, and Tom reached out to me to create the maquette digitally. Using numerous behind the scenes photos for reference and the guidance of Tom's expertise, we created a film accurate Slimer in a very short period of time (give or take one week from initial conversation to client approval). In fact, after the commercial aired Steve Johnson - the designer of the original Slimer for Ghostbusters - tweeted that he immediately recognised this design as the original Slimer and commended our accuracy.

Photos - Top to bottom

1) Render of completed maquette

2) Color overlay 

3) Commercial screen capture