Few props are more iconic in the genera of horror cinema that Larry Talbot's silver wolf-head cane in the 1941 classic The Wolfman.

When given the opportunity to replicate this piece I jumped on it. However I knew I couldn't treat it like "just another job." I needed to show this piece the respect it deserved and frankly, was expected from the horror collecting community.

I reached out to friend and film historian Bob Burns, who was given the original film prop from Ellis Burman (The original sculptor) when he was a child. The original - made from rubber, and touching 80 years of age - had both shrunken with time and was far too fragile to risk molding, so Bob sent me numerous reference photos to work from.

Initially the sculpt was going to be digital but I wanted a more authentic feel to it - like the original would have had, so I sculpted it traditionally.

The cane was a huge success for Factory Entertainment, selling out entirely. Bob loved it so much that he keeps one of my cane heads next to the original in his private museum.


1) The original prop

2) The clay sculpt

3) Bob Burns holding both my cane head, and his original.